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Fiber Project Update


La Jicarita’s fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) projects are still progressing as planned. The two major FTTH projects are the Stimulus Projects (Mora, Rainsville, Holman, Cleveland, and south Chacon) and Phase II of the “L” Loan Projects (Wagon Mound, Ocate and parts of Chacon). With the completion of these main construction stages, the focus will shift to connecting cooperative members to new fiber optic services. In areas where the new fiber has been constructed, coop members receiving services over existing copper wires will be connected (cutover) to the new fiber network.

In Wagon Mound, all coop members have been cutover to fiber. Many members have been cutover to the fiber in Mora, Rainsville, Chacon and Ocate. La Jicarita will be continuing this transition in these areas as well as in the Holman area over the first half of 2014. The transitions of members to fiber in both the Mora and Wagon Mound exchanges will allow La Jicarita to retire and remove the old aerial copper plant related to the Mora-San Miguel Electric Cooperative’s new electric line between Mora and La Cueva. All aerial cable from Mora to Chacon will also be retired.

In addition to the fiber infrastructure being implemented through both the Stimulus and “L” Loan projects, La Jicarita has erected two towers in the Wagon Mound exchange to provide upgraded services to members who are located in outlying areas of the exchange that could not feasibly be reached within the fiber projects. Both of these towers are complete and actively providing services to several cooperative members with more being moved to the new wireless service in the near future.

In 2014, La Jicarita has plans to continue upgrading facilities in the Mora exchange through continued equipment and fiber optic upgrades Our goal is to provide members with the best and most economically feasible telecommunication services.

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Our Mission

To Serve You

La Jicarita’s mission is to provide reasonably priced, high quality regulated and non-regulated communications services to our customers. We recognize that our employees are vital to this organization and the achievement of this mission. We are committed to maintaining the progressive growth and success of this organization.

As a local businessman, this is why I can stay and live in Mora – as one of the first customers with DSL services provided by NNMT and a potential candidate for fiber-to-the- home, I’m able to remain and maintain my outfitting business from right here at home.

John Olivas

I appreciate the service La Jicarita is providing therefore willing to provide an easement whenever possible to allow the Cooperative the opportunity to continue serving others.

- Frances Vigil (Ojo Feliz)