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Avoid Costly Fines—Call NM811 Before You Dig

La Jicarita customers are now required to call New Mexico 811 before beginning any home excavation projects that include digging, such as planting a tree, building a fence or any other circumstances that include digging in your yard. Homeowners are required by law to notify NM811 two working days in advance of their excavation projects. If you are hiring someone else to do the digging for you, they will be required by law to make the one-call request at least two working days before the planned excavation.

For a locate request call 811. Visit www.nmonecall.org for more information.


NEW! La Jicarita Online Bill Pay

Thank you for your patience while we’ve been working to launch our new online bill pay system. Now it’s easier than ever to pay your La Jicarita bill: simply click here or on the ONLINE BILL PAY tab above. You will be asked to enter your account number and create a password. The online bill pay accepts major credit cards plus an option to pay through your bank account. If you have questions about this new feature, please contact the La Jicarita office at (575) 387-2216.


What is Happening to Rural Broadband?

You can help save rural broadband in America. Get the facts and be a part of determining what the future of broadband will be. Join the many other individuals who are focusing their efforts on these issues.

To find out more, click here.


Is Fiber in Your Home?

La Jicarita_FiberPic_0614

Fiber optic cables have a much greater bandwidth than traditional cables. This means service provided through fiber optics is less likely to have interference, providing you with faster speeds and less disruption. La Jicarita’s fiber-to-the-home construction has been completed in Mora, Holman, Cleveland, Rainsville, Wagon Mound and most of Chacon. In all of these areas the majority of our customers are now on the new fiber network. La Jicarita is committed to our community’s future and making plans to continue to extend fiber in additional areas.

Questions? Please contact La Jicarita Operations Manager, Michael J. Leyba at (575) 387-2216.

La Jicarita will start turning off the old existing equipment in the fiber areas and taking down the existing aerial copper plant. If you have not been switched to a fiber connection, please call our office at (575) 387-2216 so we can schedule an appointment to take your service off the old copper facilities and get you on our fiber network, which will give you the fastest speeds available.


Our Focus is on You

Here at La Jicarita, our highest priority is our customers. We are proud to be involved, whether it is through community events, awarding scholarships to outstanding graduating high school students, annually throwing our Customer Appreciation celebration or building up our community with fiber-to-the-home service. We are so happy to still be a part of Mora County for over 40 years.