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Internet service through La Jicarita offers high-quality and reliable access. Provided through our subsidiary NNMT (please visit NNMT’s website for complete information), some of our services include e-mail addresses, web hosting, web authoring, and mail and news groups. We are proud to offer on-site service and support for your convenience. Compare broadband speeds below to find out what you need and how La Jicarita can help.

Factors that influence your online experience:


“Downloading” refers to data that is being received from a remote system to a local system. With slow downloading you may find:

• Images and graphics on web pages look blurry
• Web pages take longer to load
• You may experience buffering


“Buffering” refers to how long it takes for data to be retrieved or downloaded from a server which is particularly important when streaming video and audio.

• Netflix movies may take a long time to download, or the movie may stop playing while your connection buffers
• Youtube videos won’t play, or they might pause in the middle
• Music may not play correctly
• Email attachments can take longer to download


“Latency” refers to how long it takes to send data to a server and get data returned.

• Live video and audio interactions may experience delays, clipping or breakdown • Online meetings like WebEx and
• GoToMeeting may be slow or breakdown
• Stock updates or Ebay bids may not update quickly enough
• Skype or Facetime or other video conferencing may breakdown
• Multi-player video games can result in delayed plays

High Speed Internet

Residential and Business Pricing

* Listed speeds are maximums and are not guaranteed. Actual connection speeds may vary due to factors such as hardware configuration and network traffic.

?Landline service required with all Internet packages

256 KBPS
$14.95per month
Business Pricing N/A
$39.95per month
Business Pricing $79.95/month
$54.95per month
Business Pricing $109.95/month
$69.95per month
Business Pricing $139.95/month
$84.95per month
Business Pricing $169.95/month
100 MBPS
$99.95per month
Business Pricing $199.95/month

Interested in Preferred Business?

100MBPS for $800/month

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