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Local Telephone Service

Along with providing superior local telephone service, La Jicarita also delivers a full array of features. Below are some of the most popular services that have been put into simple, low-cost packages for you to choose from. Of course, all our features are always available on an individual basis (click here to view the La Jicarita Calling Features Guide). La Jicarita knows what you want, and we make it easy for you to get it.


Your Landline Telephone
Still Around for a Reason

If you’ve consider getting rid of your landline phone, read on for some reasons why a landline is good to have:

Calling 911
Your landline telephone is tied into your address, and this address will display on the emergency response system. So whether someone is unable to speak the address or someone does not know the address, emergency personnel will still be able to respond and in the most timely manner. On top of this, a landline telephone is much harder to lose than a cell phone, and therefore can be faster and easier to find when emergencies happen.

In the event of a power outage

A corded phone will keep working when the power is out because the phone company has an emergency back-up system for just this occasion. When the power is out, your cell phone may run out of power—but you can still talk to friends, family, and anyone else you need to on your corded landline phone.

In some areas, cell phone reception is not as reliable as a landline phone. Even if your cell reception is great, the chance of something disrupting cell service is greater than on a landline. This can be especially important for people suffering from hearing loss or for people who rely on the phone for business or other important communications.

Landline phone service has been around for over a century, and it is still an invaluable tool for your family and business.

Calling Features

Anonymous Caller Rejection (*77)

This feature allows the user to reject calls from persons who have chosen to keep their numbers private. Click for details

Automatic Callback (*66)

This feature allows the subscriber to automatically redial the last outgoing call. The customer requests this service by dialing an access code, *66. Click for details

Automatic Recall (*69)

This feature allows the user to dial the number of the last call received. Click for details

Call Forwarding  (*72)

This feature routes calls to a number specified by the user, the number can either be fixed or variable, and the choice needs to be done when the service is requested. If fixed, the number to be forwarded to needs to be programmed by the phone company. Click for details

Call Waiting *70

This feature notifies a subscriber that a second call is on the line and allows the subscriber to switch between the calls. Click for details

Caller ID (Name and Number)

This feature allows the user to see the name and number of all incoming callers. Click for details

Selective Call Forwarding (*63)

This feature allows the user to designate up to 10 phone numbers in a list for forwarding to another phone. When a call is received from a number appearing on the list, it is automatically forwarded. Click for details

Selective Call Rejection (*60)

This feature allows the user to block calls from up to 10 phone numbers. Click for details

Speed Dial 8 (*74)

This feature enables the user to quickly reach frequently used numbers by dialing just one digit. Click for details

Speed Dial 30 (*75)

This feature allows the user to reach 30 important numbers by dialing just two digits. Click for details

Three-Way Calling

This feature allows the user to talk with two people in different places–at the same time. Click for details


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